About us

„It is no secret to anyone, that if the knowledge of the law is a science, then the method of its application is an art”Alain Peyrefitte“Justice: Between the ideal and the reality.”

The Law Firm Marszałek & Partners – Attorneys LLP is a combination of over 30 years of experience and tradition of its co-founder attorney Piotr Marszałek and the knowledge, energy and experience of attorney Tomasz Dudziński and attorney Iwona Dobkowska – Puławska, who represents the modern model of practice as a lawyer, as well as dynamic, passionate and innovative approach of the entire team of lawyers who provide professional and advanced legal services. First and foremost we specialize in complex services for business entities, as well as various legal assistance to individual Clients. We have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, corporate law and corporate governance and the development of labour relations in enterprises. We also advise on litigation, restructuring and liquidation of corporate personhoods and we support the management boards and the various departments of enterprises in critical situations. We take on complex and challenging legal undertakings and we have experience in finding original and unusual solutions.

Our main, and at the same time the most precious value ​​is customer satisfaction and the highest quality of provided services. Following that same trend in our daily practice, while maintaining high standards of corporate social responsibility, allows us to enjoy a steadily growing interest in the Firm’s offer. Our Law Firm is located in Warsaw, however we serve Clients located throughout Poland, and thanks to a number of professional contacts in other countries. For additional information about the Law Firm, we invite you to become acquainted with the content of our website and to contact members of the Marszałek & Partners team.

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