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Court and administrative disputes, arbitration


The priority of the Law Firm Marszałek i Partnerzy-Adwokaci in cooperation with clients is the effectiveness of actions taken and the achievement of maximum beneficial effects, while minimizing any possible expenses on the part of the client. By implementing the above idea, our lawyers, during the initial analysis of the ordered case, look for optimal solutions, without excluding negotiations, mediation and any other methods of amicable settlement of the dispute. In the event that an amicable settlement of the dispute at the pre-litigation stage is impossible or unfavorable from the point of view of the client, then we undertake the litigation. One
The domain of Kancelaria Marszałek & Partnerzy – Adwokaci, resulting from thousands of civil cases conducted so far before the court, is procedural law, including the provision of representation services to our clients in proceedings before common courts at all stages of proceedings, also before the Supreme Court and before authorities enforcement proceedings. We also act in front of Polish clients on behalf of our clients
and international arbitration courts.


A qualified team of lawyers from the Marszałek i Partnerzy-Adwokaci Law Firm provides legal assistance at all stages of administrative proceedings, including before public administration authorities, tax authorities, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, as well as before Local Government Appeal Boards. Our services also include representing clients of the Law Firm before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Energy Regulatory Office, in restitution matters, matters related to
with the investment process and before enforcement authorities in administration.


The lawyers of the Marszałek i Partnerzy-Adwokaci Law Firm provide professional legal assistance in acting as a defense attorney in all types of criminal proceedings and at all stages of these proceedings
including pre-trial and court proceedings. The law firm also offers related services
with representing clients as proxies of the aggrieved parties – auxiliary prosecutors, private prosecutors and in the field of adhesive claims. We conduct criminal cases, with particular emphasis on commercial proceedings and medical malpractice.