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Real estate and the investment process


Law firm Marszałek & Partners – Attorneys provides legal services to real estate development companies, providing support in every aspect of their operations. A qualified team of lawyers undertakes activities both in the investment process, including drafting and negotiating contracts with contractors, as well as providing legal advice on the day-to-day operations of companies. The domain of our Firm is also the representation of development companies in court proceedings, in which, due to their specific nature, it is particularly important to know the technical aspects of the construction business.

Investment process

Based on the acquired knowledge and experience, our Firm offers legal assistance throughout the investment process. Construction investments require a number of activities, both in the field of administrative and civil law, and at the same time are subject to strict deadlines. The mechanisms developed over the years enable the Firm to offer its Clients, professional advice at every stage of the planned investment.

Due diligence

Marszałek & Partners – Attorneys offers legal analysis of real estate, business, as well as the assets. The opinion prepared by our specialists is always based on a thorough verification of the documentation and the materials obtained. The examination of the legal status is carried out on the basis of the best knowledge and aimed at eliminating as much as possible the negative effects of the planned transaction. Prior knowledge of the subject of the planned investment and potential risks is also important in the formulation of the contract and allows due protection of the interests of our Clients.


The law firm Marszałek & Partners – Attorneys provides legal advice on matters related to reprivatization, including in particular those caused by the takeover of Warsaw land, based on the Decree of October 26, 1945 on the ownership and use of land in the area of the capital city of Warsaw (Journal of Laws No. 50, item 279). The provided legal assistance applies to both entities purchasing real estate, which the legislator has applied to the so-called “Bierut Decree”, as well as physical persons who take steps to recover real estate or claim the compensation due.


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